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Who we are isn't nearly as important as WHY we are.

Our purpose is a simple one...

To enrich the lives of those we meet. 

To help make their world better!

 We believe absolutely that we are the sum of the accumulated decisions we have made. If you are healthy, it is because you have made healthy choices. If your bank account is fat, it is because you worked hard, made wise investments, or possibly inherited it all (and in that case, nevermind). If your marriage is awesome and your relationship with your kids is great, it is because you have been intentional about creating those positive relationships.

However, if any of these areas are not what you want them to be, like it or not, believe it or not, it is because of the decisions you have made. Recognizing this is paramount to achieving real, lasting change. 

Now I know that change can be scary. Few people willingly step into change because of the uncertainty it holds verses the comfort that their current situation affords them....even if they consider that comfort somewhat unpleasant. 

But, make no mistake...if you are unhappy with your life, in any area, CHANGE is what you need!

Introducing The Butterfly Effect. In short, this principle states that a small, seemingly insignificant, change in one area of your life could produce catastrophic results in other areas. This principle goes both ways. 

Little things that we do that are not healthy for our bodies, bank accounts, or relationships often compound over time until we can't stand the person we've become or the existence we feel forced to live everyday. That is truly a tragic place to be.

Fortunately, we don't have lie in the bed we have made. We have a choice to burn that bed and build an entirely different life. It all begins in realizing that we can't keep living the way we have been. 

We can show you EXACTLY how to bring about positive change. We will walk side-by-side with you on this journey and hold you accountable to ensure that you cannot fail. 

Change is easy. Choosing to change...THAT is what is hard.

Let us help you be the "YOU" you want to be. 



We have spent more than two decades coaching people from all walks of life to take positive steps in setting and achieving goals related to personal growth. We have worked with corporations, both large and small, to help build and sustain their brand in the marketplace. 

We have a true passion to help people live a better life. We live by the philosophy that 

you can have anything you want in this life...if you help enough other people get what they want. 

We don't preach a prosperity gospel and we don't make exorbitant claims and promises. What we do is offer real, practical coaching to help you, your family, and your organization set and reach goals that up until now, have only been hopes and dreams. 

Life is meant to be lived abundantly!

Are you ready for a change?


Simple > Complex

For as long as any of us can remember books, magazine articles, and self-help gurus have had multiple prescriptions for just how to "grow" and "improve" yourself. These tools can be as complex as they are varied in style and content.

The truth is...REAL growth and improvement only take two simple things. The first, we all have. The second, we can all develop.

We will explain what these two things are and how you can start on the path to a brand new reality.  


Service #1


Individual personal development coaching that is tailored to fit your desired goals. If you are metaphorically standing at the edge of a cliff and don't know what to do, where to go, or even how to verbalize your goals, we can help you clearly establish those goals and assist in the development of attainable plans that get you closer to those goals everyday.

Service #2


Corporate development and leadership training for your key supervisory staff or your entire team. We build programs that are specific to the mission and purpose of your organization. 

Service #3


Expert customer service training. Our staff has proven experience at the highest levels in the hospitality industry. We can help your organization improve their customer service offering and help you strengthen your brand. 

Kingdom Focused

We unapologetically stand on the principles of Jesus Christ. Our programs and processes find their roots in Biblical Truth. We believe that every question we could ever have is answered there....and anything we could ever aspire to be should be based on these truths.


We also offer programs that are designed specifically for church ministries. Many times a church with a large volunteer base will find a challenge in making sure that everyone on the team is on the same page. It's easy for new volunteers to say "I'm all in" at first, but many times they have no idea what "all in" really means because they have no idea what the vision and mission of the church really is.


We will work with your ministry to help formulate a training program for your volunteer staff. This program will be specific to the vision and mission of your church and will ensure that everyone is well orientated to truly be able to go "ALL IN" from the very beginning of their service.



We strive for excellent communication with our clients. So, if you are tired of things being the way they are, if you have a question about our programs and services, or if you want to see if we match your specific needs, please connect with us. We will both be glad you did!

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The Butterfly Effect

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